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Biomimita is a biomimicry business consultancy helping companies access 3.8 billion years of research and development from the natural world. Our clients apply biomimicry to create truly sustainable products and services that drive regenerative business growth.


Over the course of evolution, life  has created an incredibly rich library of innovative solutions to the the same challenges we face:  forming partnerships, sharing information, harvesting energy, transporting and storing materials, building fully recyclable structures and manufacturing high performance products. 

Biomimicry is learning from these biological strategies, designs and processes and applying their deeper principles to create  sustainable products, services and business. 

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Learn about the biomimicry approach to innovation, create groundbreaking sustainable products, make radical improvements in material and energy efficiency,  engage employees and grow profits.



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A biomimicry consulting company

Biomimita is based in Helsinki, Finland. Our mission is to  help companies and public organisations emulate nature's innovations for a sustainable future. We help our clients grow their business with biomimicry and develop new opportunities at the intersections of sustainability, new technology and traditional industry. 





Niina Kuusanniemi-Abbotts is a sustainable business development specialist and biomimicry consultant with over 10 years experience of international  smart and clean technology business consulting

Her core expertise is identifying new business opportunities and developing foreign direct investment programs for international companies  in the sectors of clean technology, renewable energy, smart mobility, smart cities, the bioeconomy and circular economy. 

Niina is a Master of Engineering from Durham University,  a Certified Expert in Climate and Renewable Energy Finance from Frankfurt School of Finance and Management and a Master of Science in Biomimicry student at Arizona State University.

If you are interested in learning more about biomimicry or sustainable business development, please get in touch!


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